The Zombie DDoS botnet is a collection of infected computers that will attack your web site just like a horde of zombies. They will try to starve all the resources of your online business like cpu, memory, hard disks, bandwidth and http connections.

Zombie DDoS botnet usually attack in group of several thousands together, they will be coordinated and they can knock your business offline.

An affraid man running away from a horde of Zombies
An affraid man running away from a horde of Zombies

It’s a small DDoS

The number of connections are usually between 1k to +100K. We tested our Apache httpd 2.4 Server on CentOS 7 with 7K zombie bots. The CentOS server and the Apache httpd server both use default config.


Nb of zombie bots attacking a web site

Did they kill the server

The Zombie DDoS botnet interrupted the service on the web server because our monitoring probe got 42 failed requests.

Monitoring graph showing the degraded state of the service

Can I really block that?

We ran the same test with DDoS protections against Zombie botnets and we can see an average response time of 77 ms with DDoS protections compare to 2,514 ms without DDoS protections. There is a little bit of latency at the beginning before the DDoS is fully mitigated and the service stabilizes by itself in less than 5 seconds without human intervention.

Monitoring graph showing good response time

Are you vulnerable?

The continuous availability of your web site is important to your business and it’s important to know whether your business is vulnerable to the Zombie DDoS botnet attack. Run a Free DDoS test now to know whether you are vulnerable and we will send you a DDoS report including solutions to increase your business protection against DDoS attacks.

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Zombie DDoS Attack