Can your team detect and mitigate a DDoS attack?

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Don’t let your customers down!

By load testing your website, you know exactly how it will react under a situation of greater volume and take the appropriate measures to correct it.


Protect your marketing investment

Simulate a spike of web traffic and see how your website behaves

Increase your customer experience

40% abandon a website that takes 3 seconds or longer to load.

Increase sales

67% of clients says a slow site is the main reason to abandon a cart


Easy to use

Start the free test now and you will receive your report within 5 minutes. You get 1 free load test to try.

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Easy to read report summary

Show the test results to your clients or marketing employees and know exactly how many happy customers you served.

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Estimate extra Cloud costs

The test will automatically estimate the extra bandwidth fee coverage for cloud based website so you are sure not to overpay a fortune.

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