Your business need to serve web content in a reliable way and as fast as possible to users all around the world using all kind of devices like phones, computers, tablets and tv. It must also support a growing number of technologies like SSL, HTTP/2, IPv6 and WebSocket.

Logo of Microsoft IIS vs Nginx
Logo of Microsoft IIS vs Nginx

Your users deserve to receive their content when they want and as fast as possible. It’s important for your business to deliver the content under the highest load or even under a DDoS attack. To achieve this, you will need a secure, modern and fast HTTP server.

Compare Features

There are a lot of HTTP web servers available on the market but only 2 at the moment have all the features to deliver fast content and survive a DDoS.

IPv6 X X
Commercial support X X
Community support X X
Strong reverse proxy X X
Pre-compressed static content X X
Advanced caching mechanism X X
Concurrent connections > 100k X X
Good rate-limiting X X
Dynamic web content X X
Run on Linux X
Run on Microsoft X

Our webapp can’t use IIS or NGINX

Dynamic webapp need specialized backend like tomcat, ruby, python, node.js, Apache httpd or elasticsearch to just name a few. They could also be written long time ago by someone whom you lost contact or in need of undocumented modules from very old software repositories. This is one of the main reason why people don’t migrate to IIS or NGINX directly.

You can still reverse proxy the content with IIS or NGINX!

It’s better to install one of these modern HTTP server in front of your webapp or backend services because it will offer you advanced caching, good compression and the latest rate-limiting features. How would you explain a server failure because your business had a big advertisement campaign and your system couldn’t sustain the load?

Should I deploy IIS or NGINX?

It’s not really important which web server you choose between IIS or NGINX because they both offer the latest technologies in term of web content delivery. They are also compatible with a wide range of devices and they are both blazing fast.

Make sure your business uses either IIS or NGINX

Need help to deploy IIS or Nginx in the cloud?

So in the end, it boils down to whether you are more a Linux or a Microsoft business. We can implement IIS or Nginx for your Business. Please write to us for the details

Use a secure modern and fast web server