Now that you have a responsive website, you can start thinking about protecting your website against common DDoS attacks.

Tips from the pro: You better test your website’s protections before being attack.

Why is my website vulnerable to DDoS attacks even with Cloudflare protection?

Cloudflare should always forward the dynamic content to your website. This mean that if bad users send dynamic contents, it should pierce Cloudflare protection. Here is how it looks like.


Graph showing that Cloudflare doesn't protect against DDoS attack
Graph showing that Cloudflare doesn’t protect against DDoS attack

The response time goes to 0 when the DDoS start at 5:14:00 even if the website is protected by Cloudflare.

How is it possible?

Because there is an older way to make the web look dynamic and it’s through the dynamic requests. But also, when the hackers send DDoS they will send a lot of crappy traffic including dynamic requests to make sure your website goes down quickly. Cloudflare believes the dynamic contents should be sent to your server, so it will bypass the Cloudflare edge cache and it will forward the request to your server.

What is a dynamic request?

All url with the ? character. Sometimes it also includes this character & and you might have noticed them in url of your browser.

"GET /?kpunghiy HTTP/1.1" 504 578 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/532.0 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/53

How can I block this DDoS attack?

It is not obvious to answer this question and it depends of your website. You will need to configure some complex page rules in Cloudflare settings and test your website.

Is my website vulnerable?

Make sure to check your website with this Free DDoS test

How does it look like when you block it?

The response time of your website should remain more or less the same like in this graph.

Graph showing good response time even when the DDoS starts later in the test
Graph showing good response time even when the DDoS starts later in the test

I need help implementing this solution, can you help me?

We will be happy to make sure your website remains available at all time. Send us an email with more information.

Configure Cloudflare to block common DDoS attacks against your website